Playlisting is a game changer for independent artists on streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. While playlists present a great opportunity, the sheer number make it hard to navigate for artists and that’s where we come in to help make your life easy. We help artists find the right playlists through our network to achieve their goals ranging from artists with little to no following on streaming services to established artists. We pitch your track to curators all across streaming services and only accept tracks we are confident will be landed on playlists. If we are unable to deliver, we offer a full refund.

Submit your track using the ‘Submissons’ link above, and if approved by our staff we will reach out with further information if your track is accepted with various options on how to market your music.


  • Paying for placement to playlists that don’t care what your track sounds like.

    • If they are accepting your track without first listening, chances are the followers are fake and it doesn’t help you build your brand as an artist.

  • Paying for plays/followers.

    • This is not only against the user policy on streaming sites, but also is an obvious red flag when play counts and listener counts don’t add up. Again, this doesn’t build your brand and spread your music to others.